new items: Woolrich shirts and shorts

Posted On: March 20, 2012 BY Delamere

We received some nice shipments this morning and we are busy unpacking and putting new items on the shop floor.  It is a beautiful 80+ degree day in Cincinnati and the perfect weather for three new styles of 2.5 oz cotton madras shirts from India.  If you have not worn a madras shirt before, you should give it a try.  The more you wear and wash the shirt, the softer and better looking the colors become.  Have a look at all of the patterns below.

The other three shirts are a 3.5 oz cotton in great patterns.

We also got in a new “old” cargo short.  I say old because the side pockets are a button-thru design vs. velcro.  These are basic shorts that are great for working in the yard or garden, walking your dog down to the local coffe shop or actually going on a camping trip.



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