Posted On: April 2, 2012 BY Delamere

East Fork Tailwater Smallmouth

       The Smallmouth fishing is warming up on our local creeks. I spent Sunday fishing with friends on the East Fork Tailwater. We worked pretty hard for the fish we caught. The best of the day was this 16 inch fish that took one of my original flies.

       We caught many small Rock bass as well. We did best fishing small black woolly buggers and similar flies very slowly along the bottom. We all encountered plenty of snags but put up with them for the fish. I fished Thomas & Thomas’ new NS5 rod. This is a fast action 5 weight. It handled Woolly Bugger sized flies and poppers very well. I like something just a little stouter for Meat Whistle’s and other large flies but overall, I was very impressed with the new T&T. It would make a tremendous trout and bass rod for the guy looking to use one rod for almost everything.
        Farm ponds are warming up and you should be able to find some top water action. Local streams may need some warmer night temperatures before the top water action really heats up. Keep the water clarity in mind as you fish. Hope to see some of you on the stream.




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