Bonefish and Tarpon

Posted On: April 11, 2012 BY Delamere

Mexico Flats Fishing

Louis and I just got back from a fly fishing trip in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  We spent a day fishing the flats for the illusive Bonefish and we landed a good number each.  It was a pristine day to fish the seemingly endless flats of the Caribbean Sea.  Later in the week we chucked some flies at baby Tarpon in the mangroves.


The Bones seemed to be eating almost anything we put in front of their noses from Gotcha’s to Super Swim Shrimp to Sand Crabs.  It was our first time fishing for Bonefish and they are a very difficult yet rewarding species to catch. Although these guys weren’t huge, they sure put up a fight.  Casting to these cruising Bonefish made us appreciate our fast action 8 weights, which helped us to launch our flies right where they needed to be in a moment’s notice.

To end our trip, Louis, his Dad, and I spent a day fishing the mangroves near Cancun for baby Tarpon. As the day grew hotter, the fishing slowed down but we managed to pull out a couple of Tarpon and some barracuda! I ended up landing this guy on a pink and white Clouser I tied.  Not what I thought a Tarpon would go for but they sure seemed to like any Clouser that was partially white.

It was a tight squeeze for our flats boat but we made it through this mangrove tunnel which opened up to a saltwater lake in the middle of the mangrove forest.  

Our guide Jose showed us deep freshwater springs that were pumping clean, mineral rich water into this saltwater lake, providing a fantastic place for baby Tarpon to 
feed and grow before heading out into the ocean.
Louis’s Barracuda that was landed just outside the mangrove tunnel.



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