D&H fishing weekend at Briarwood

Posted On: April 16, 2012 BY Delamere

D&H had our first “fun fishing weekend” at Briarwood this past Saturday and Sunday.  We normally use this private club for schools and corporate outings, but we will have a “fun fishing weekend” a couple of times a year.   
It was pouring rain as we drove north and the skies were not letting up.  We knew this would be good for fishing and we were right.  Everyone had good luck and then we broke for dinner and a warm fire.  After we got comfortable, we suited up and went back for more bad weather and good fishing.  The next morning we hit the water early and some of us decided to hit the warm water species in the lakes and ponds.  Brian had a nice surprise on one of the ponds and I will show you that picture first.



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