Posted On: April 22, 2012 BY Delamere

               Rainy Day Smallmouth Fishing
                        East Fork Tailwater

    One of my clients stopped by the shop today to ask some fishing questions. After we talked for a bit, we decided to run out and fish a local creek. I got one of the guys to cover for me and we were off. East Fork tailwater was looking good so that’s where we headed. The temp’s were cool of course and the water had a bit of color but otherwise the water looked very good.It turned out to be a very enjoyable day.

                                                            The things you find on the creek make the day!

     Between the two of us we caught 9-10 Rock bass and Smallmouth. Non of the fish were huge but they were plenty of fun to play with. We concentrated on any bank side structure while throwing dark Wooly Buggers and Murdich Wiggler’s. We are kind of in-between seasons right now. The carp are still spawning, the Smallmouth will be spawning very soon, and despite our warm daytime temperatures, the nights are still pretty cool.  Once the smallmouth begin spawning, they will very difficult to fish for until they are finished, at which point they should come back ravenous and ready to go.
     On days like this, sometimes it is as much fun to pay attention to everything going on around you. I noticed several large Carp carcasses and couldn’t help but wonder what killed them. The highlight of the day was two Red foxes which sat on the bank and observed our casts. They played for a bit and we enjoyed watching them. They did not take off until we had to get close to them to undue a snagged fly. Unfortunately, they were a little camera shy.




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