Patagonia Deep Wading Jacket ON SALE

Posted On: May 30, 2012 BY Delamere

D&H has decided to stop carrying the Patagonia Deep Wading Jacket in our shop.  I really like this jacket and we have sold it for years, but it does not sell as well as some of the other models because of the length.  It is the proper length for fly fishing, but many customers want a length that they can wear around town also and this is a bit short for that.  The jacket has great features and if we have you size in stock I’m sure you will get years of service out of a great item from Patagonia.



Ted Nicholson said

Mark, Sorry we did not see this...the deep wading jacket is a XXL. Based on the dimensions you gave us it would be quite big. Thanks, D&H

Mark Oldstrom said

Mark Oldstrom again. My above inquiry is regarding the Patagonia Deep Wading Jacket. Many thanks.

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