D&H Fly Fishing School

Posted On: June 4, 2012 BY Delamere

            D&H Fly Fishing School
            Wow, what a weekend. Saturday I helped our lead instructor, Brian Barnard, teach a one day fly fishing school and Sunday I guided a great client on the Elkhorn Creek. Our one day fly fishing schools focus on the basics of fly fishing. We cover everything from a little history of the sport to some information that will help you buy your own rod and reel.

            Since we do not allow our class ratio to exceed 4 students per instructor, I volunteered to help when we picked up a fifth student. Everyone had a great time and caught fish while gaining a better understanding of our sport. We are using a friend’s personal farm for the lessons. He has plenty of mowed green space to cast on and two wonderfully manicured ponds for beginners to fish on. We provide lunch and all the gear that a beginner will need to have a successful day. Brian has been conducting these classes for 17 years. I am always impressed by his dynamic teaching and the camaraderie he develops with students.

            The highlight of the day was when our youngest student (at 11 years old) caught a 20-inch Channel catfish out of one of the ponds. I can’t think of a better way to begin fly fishing!



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