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Posted On: June 20, 2012 BY Delamere

Zand and I just got back from a great trip to Wyoming.  We went to Idaho to meet with the folks from Patagonia and look at the offerings for next Spring/Summer.  We talked with product designers and a fabric specialist.  Very informative.

After business, we headed over to Wyoming for some hiking.  As you can see in the photo below, the weather was typical for the mountains.  One day it is sunny and warm on the hiking trail and then a system moves thru the mountains and you have snow.

With the varied weather conditions, we really got a work out of our clothing system.  Most of what I was wearing was from Patagonia.  Not because I was just at Patagonia camp for three days, but I really like the performance of the gear.  Everything I am wearing I have owned for years.  I started every day with a base layer of Capilene 2 for my shirt: either a short sleeve or long sleeve.  This has become one of my favorite articles of clothing because it breathes so well.  If it is cool, Cap 2 is a great layer for moving moisture off the skin and providing some light insulation.  If I am getting warm from hiking and shed some layers, the air moves thru the fabric like nothing else (If you want the same performance in a street shirt, try the A/C shirt.  My #1 shirt for warm weather travel)
I would wear a Cap 3 over the Cap 2 for more insulation and then I could shed the Cap 3 and roll it up very small and stuff it in my day pack.  The day pack also held our Torrentshell jackets that are waterproof and breathable.  Luckily we did not get rained on as we were hiking, but when were at 10,450 feet and having lunch, Zand used her jacket as a shell to block the cool winds.

 As you can see in the photos, I lived in my Stand Up shorts.  I live in these shorts in Cincinnati and they are great in the dove fields of Kentucky (September 1 is just around the corner).  These shorts are a great length for hiking and the material and reinforced seat are tough so that you can sit anywhere along the trail and not worry about the garment.
Both of our ball caps are D&H models.  D&H ball caps make you a better hiker, angler, shooter and just about everything else.

This waterfall was at the top of the trail in Death Canyon in the Grand Teton mountain range and was worth the hike.

– Mark



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