Tom Downing Custom Knives

Posted On: July 25, 2012 BY Delamere

                    Tom Downing Custom Knives

       D&H Just received a new shipment of expertly crafted knives from Ohio craftsman, Tom Downing. Mr. Downing creates some extraordinary knives. He uses high quailty, unique, and attractive handle materials such as pre-ban elephant ivory, fossilized ivory, African Ironwood, Black Ash wood, and Sambar Stag, to name just a few. We have a mixture of practical hunting and outdoor knives as well as some more creative examples. Each knife comes with its own high quality leather sheath. Here are a few examples of Mr. Downing’s work, they can only be described as awsome!

A Basic hunting knife pattern, made with Damascus and Sambar Stag

Click”Read More” to see more great knives.

A Bowie knife that was included in a Colt presentation set and auctioned.

A skinner with African Impala Horn handle

A handy little knife with Mother of Pearl handle.

As you can see the knives are spectacular. We look forward to showing them to you!



Paul Kimball said

Hi, Larry Downing reached out to me, but I was looking for Tom Downing (who made some of these fine blades). If you have a way to contact him please let me know. Thanks in advance

Paul kimball said

Hi, I acquired a knife in an estate sale that Mr. Downing had made. Do you know how I can contact him? I'd like to ask him about the knife I procured. Thanks

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