Elkhorn Creek fishing report

Posted On: August 4, 2012 BY Delamere

We fished the Elkhorn on Thursday and the conditions were perfect.  This was the first time I have hit the stream since the awful drought that shut down pretty much everything.  The water level and clarity were both good.  We caught fish on both Dixie Devils and subsurface flies. 

this fish was putting up a nice fight in the swift current and I could sort of get a look at the fish as the customer was fighting him and I thought “this is a nice smallie”.  Well the fight was good, but the fish was not a smallie but a cat.

At the end of our float, I pulled all of the gear out of the canoe and kayak and got the vehicle packed up for the ride home.  Louis took our customer down stream and they fished some.  The customer landed a nice smallie on a baby blue Dixie Devil and Louis hooked a monster smallie on a D&H Cray and the fish spit the hook in mid-jump.  BUMMER!!
There are no photos because I had the camnera up in the parking lot with me.



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