Malkin’s Jam

Posted On: November 10, 2012 BY Delamere

We just stocked the shelves at D&H with another shipment of our favorite jam from Ontario.  Malkin’s Jam is a name known to lots of folks that head to Canada on vacation.  I grew up going to Lake of the Woods in Ontario and we would stay at the Arrowhead Camp in Nestor Falls.  Arrowhead had a great general store where you could get all sorts of supplies including chocolate bars and jam.  My family liked the jam so much that we would bring cases of the jam back from our hunting and fishing expeditions.  When I opened Delamere & Hopkins over eighteen years ago, carrying the famous jam from Canada was near the top of my list.  The label now reads Canada’s Jam instead of Malkin’s.

Here are some old photos of Arrowhead Camp.



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