D&H sweaters from Scotland

Posted On: November 11, 2012 BY Delamere

We are excited to receive our shipment of classic sweaters loomed in Scotland. 
For over 50 years the family that looms our sweaters have been making very special knitwear in the Scottish Border town of Hawick.  By using the very best natural fibres available from spinners in Scotland, the family designs and manufactures some of the finest wool garments available.

The secret to good Scottish knitwear is in the manufacturing process.  Garments are knit tightly. This ensures that the sweaters will retain their shape over time. Contrast this to lower-end manufacturers, who will knit garments loosely in order to save on raw material, but at the cost of durability once the garment is pulled on and off the wearer over the period of years.
The lambswool used to create these sweaters is groomed from sheep in the Hawick region of Scotland – by a 4th generation family.  The region’s sheep produce a lush lambswool that is incredibly resistant to pilling, and gets softer with washings and wearings – yes the climate in which the sheep live has an impact on the resulting wools!



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