D&H Upland Hunts

Posted On: November 14, 2012 BY Delamere

                            Are you ready for some bird hunting?
D&H will again partner with Shag’s Run farm in Harrison County, Kentucky to offer four upland bird hunts this winter. We will be hunting Pheasants and Quail and each hunter will have many opportunities to pull the trigger. The farm is a stunning patchwork of farmed fields and brushy fence lines. Exactly the kind of landscape that screams “upland birds”. The guys had a great time last year on every shoot. We will shoot on these days:

Saturday, December 15
Saturday, January 12
Tuesday, February 5
Saturday, March 2

If you have questions, contact Mark or Luke at 513-871-3474 or via e-mail at shop@bestgear.com



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