Patagonia River Salt Jacket

Posted On: December 2, 2012 BY Delamere

It is a rainy, but on the warm side December 2nd in Cincinnati and as I headed out the door this morning to go to the corner store and get some milk, I grabbed my Patagonia River Salt jacket.  The walk is not that far, but the rain was coming down.  I flipped up the hood and it is great because it stays in the exact preset position that I like.  This is a hard core fishing jacket, but it looks good walking the streets of the city.  I think we will probably sell these to the non-fishing crowd this coming season.

One of the things I about this jacket is that it is not as short as some of the other fishing specific jackets and so that it looks good as a general around-town jacket.  The pockets are also generous for real use, but they do not stick out like many other models on the market.  The zippers on the pockets are great and the main zipper is waterproof so you do not need the extra fabric flap over the zipper.  I really think Patagonia hit a home run with the design of this jacket. 

Here are some reviews of this jacket:

“This jacket is an incredible tool. I bought it originally because it was a long cut and had 4-layer H2No fabric. I used it all summer long in Alaska. I was caught in seriously cold downpours while driving a jet-boat. After a client fell in the water, I used it to cover him up for the ride home in the cold rain. I recommend it to anyone who will be in any sort of extreme weather.”

“This is another exemplary rain jacket, my fourth from Patagonia. Its most remarkable feature is the hood. The designer has crafted a hood which snugs down so that the hood wears like a baseball cap, shielding your face from a downpour, and, simultaneously, permits wind in your face to flow out the back of the hood so it does not fall back. The wrist band is improved over my last jacket which I thought impossible to improve upon. There is no, I repeat, no water that gains entrance down your arm while casting into a downpour. The waterproff pockets and zippers are a bonus and so are the handwarmer pockets. This is by far the best jacket I have seen or worn. Even at this price, it is a bargain.”

“Im a full time fishing guide and i purchased this jacket up to help protect me from the driving rain in Patagonia Chile and the snow squalls in Montana. The jacket has withstood much abuse and still functions perfectly. It fits well and looks good. my only complaint with the jacket is that it doesnt have a retractable nipper pouch. i love the jacket though”



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