Brookville Brown

Posted On: December 23, 2012 BY Delamere

          This morning I was able to get out to the Brookville Tailwaters right across the border in Indiana. The water was flowing at a height of 4.11 ft, but running very clear. The temperature gauge on my truck was reading 28° F when I first arrived in Brookville.  I arrived there at about 7:30 and wasted no time getting into my layers and then to the river. Despite having to pick ice off of my guides all day long, I ended up having a pretty good day.

          I was using my Sage ONE 6wt with my Sage 4250 reel. From the start of the day all I did was swing big heavy articulated streamers through the deep holes hoping to dredge fish off of the bottom. I was swinging a white/olive streamer through a hole when I felt a huge tug. I had hooked into a nice 22″ brown in fast water which made me nervous. I had to fight him down into calmer water before I could bring him to the net. When I went to go pick him up I was in for even a bigger surprise. He had a 9″ creek chub hanging out of his mouth! While he had this in his mouth he had also taken my 6-7″ streamer. This just goes to show how aggressive these fish can be even in the cold and also, don’t be afraid to throw big flies. Any big streamers with lots of flash and movement should help  provoke a strike from these holding fish. If you have any questions feel free to call the shop. Good Luck!




Phil McCartney said

Congratulations and thanks for the interesting post.
That was a very aggressive fish.

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