Bahamas 2013

Posted On: March 28, 2013 BY Delamere

        My Dad and I took a few days off and decided to take a trip down to the Bahamas to do a little bonefishing. We stayed on Andros Island at the Andros Island Bonefish Club and loved every minute of it! The flats were clear and blue and we had sun shine 2 out of the 3 days. My Dad was new to saltwater fly fishing and had only been fly fishing a couple times before, but he had a blast and caught fish!

Andros Island Bonefish Club was a great fishing lodge and all of the biggest names in fly fishing have stayed there in the past and all have good things to say.  The lodge had a big common area with a bar and gazebo to hang out after a long day.
The flies we were using were some of the biggest Gotchas you have probably ever seen.  We fished some that were over 2.5 inches long and the guides loved them! (you can see the size in this picture below)
Between my Dad and I, we pulled out a good number of fish ranging from about 3 pounds up to around 7 pounds.  There were many larger fish swimming and I had a 10+ pounder on for a bit, however it came off pretty fast because I didn’t get a good hook set.
We fished the west side of the island which is now a huge park.  It is a little bit deeper water with a lot bigger fish!  We hit the west side everyday and it was definitely worth the hour boat ride for the 40 mile trek.

I fished the Hardy Proaxis 8wt and an Abel Super 8 reel for the majority of the trip and they both did everything I needed them to do.  I would recommend them both to anyone looking for a good, light saltwater setup.
My Dads’ biggest catch of the trip!!

-Louis Seta



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