Winter Fishing at Brookville Tailwater

Posted On: March 28, 2013 BY Delamere

          Late Sunday afternoon, I got a call from a friend coming into town who wanted to fish.  He, Chip, and I have spent many hours fishing over at Brookville tailwater together (and Brookville is kinda the only game in town right now), so it was an easy choice on where to fish.  The weather was kinda dreary with flurries all day, steel gray skies and light winds.  Temps stayed around the high 30’s all day.

        At our first spot, Chris landed a small Brown before Chip and I even got our waders wet.  The rest of the day went much the same.  We caught several stockers that had grown up a bit and we also caught a few larger holdover trout. The high point of the day was this trout in the picture above. Between gloves, the cold and shaky fingers, the picture came out a bit rough. That Brown was about 20 inches and a really nice fish with very unique coloration.  We fished small Pheasant tail nymphs and other similar patterns all day below splitshot and indicators. With three experienced fishermen, we hit almost every nook and cranny in the stream, which sometimes is what it takes.

                           Whitewater River Rendezvous- April 6th
       For those of you who love Brookville or just want to get to know the area better, the town is hosting a local showcase to highlight the recreational opportunities that surround the town of Brookville, Indiana.  These include Brookville Lake, Brookville Tailwater, the Whitewater river, golf courses and public land.  This will be a great opportunity to speak with those who know Brookville tailwater best and learn a lot about the area.  Chip Pauly and I will be there to represent D&H.  Other fly shops and sport shops from the region will also be there to celebrate all that Brookville has to offer as well.  We would love for you to come over, see us and give the tailwater a try.  It really is a diamond in the rough.  We will meet in the auditorium above the Fitness Center which is located at 734 Main Street, Brookville, Indiana (Main Street is also State Route 52).

For more information regarding the event, please check out this link:
Whitewater River Rendezvous Details

Brookville can be a very challenging stream to fish but for those who learn it, the rewards can be worth it.  This is a fish one of our guys caught last summer.  Fishing season is just around the corner. Until then, think warm thoughts!!




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