Little Miami Hybrid Fishing

Posted On: April 8, 2013 BY Delamere

Fortunately, I have had some time to fish the last couple days. All of us at the shop have been hitting it pretty hard. I have fished every day so far since the 3rd in a few different spots and the little Miami has been on fire! All together I’ve caught two hybrids; the bigger of the two was around 8 lbs, some decent white bass, half a dozen respectable Smallmouth and one Largemouth in the mix! The Gizzard Shad are definitely around and in huge numbers, you can sense the fish can feel it and are excited about it.

gizzard shad. this is what all of the fish are so excited about.



decent hybrid striper 4-3-13


 Most of the fish that I’m catching have been on a gray and white baitfish pattern swinging it through deep runs and stripping through the seams as well. I have been fishing a fast 8wt sage rod and a reel with a really strong drag. These fish are not leader shy at all so don’t pay too much attention to long leaders. I dont want to get caught with a smaller lb test leader if one of those hybrids come around, so believe it or not all of these fish have been caught on just a few feet of 20 lb. mono!
If you get the chance go to one of your local area little Miami access points such as the Avoca trailhead, Beechmont Levy Bridge, Bass Island, and Armleder Park. Most of these spots are Hamilton county Parks, so you will need a Hamilton County Parks Parking Pass to use the access without any problems. Passes can be purchased at Hamilton county park locations such as Little Miami golf course.
Good Luck, the fish are there!

Feel free to give me a call at the shop if you have any questions or need any tips. tight lines!
Chip Pauly



Anonymous said

Which access point are these pictures? Thanks!

Anonymous said

Fleshy paws, my friend. Very fleshy

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