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Posted On: April 21, 2013 BY Delamere


      I hate being hot. No two ways about it. Luckily, for me, Patagonia has a few summer shirts that make the summer much more comfortable. These are shirts that I can wear all day in the store, grab a beer in, and still feel great when it comes time to sneak away and fish for bit. Here are a few of my favorites, and a new one.

        My favorite is the “A/C” shirt. This is a super light cotton button down. We originally tried this shirt while fishing in the Bahamas. It was super comfortable while we sat on the deck in the evening and enjoyed a few Kalik’s. Wearing this shirt in less exciting places, I love the way the air passes right through it and every breeze cools is noticeable. Great for our humid evenings. It comes in several patterns and looks equally good tucked or untucked since it has a flat hem.

         If you prefer something a bit less “earthy”, the “Island Hopper” shirt should do just the trick. This is a quick drying, synthetic long or short sleeve button down. This is a great fishing shirt for that late summer Michigan or Montana trout fishing trip. I love the big chest pockets when I am throwing flies on the Elkhorn creek or chasing bass on farm ponds. Plenty of room to stow a fly box, a few spools of tippet, and a pair of forceps. Patagonia has also used some great patterns over the years. Again, this one can be worn tucked or untucked.

         This shirt is a new one for us. It is called the “Migration hemp” shirt. The shirt is a blend of lightweight cotton and durable hemp. Hemp will take a bit more of a beating than cotton, so this makes this shirt a great one for a bit of yard work, commando style fishing trips, and anything else rugged you might get into. I think this one will be a hit. Pair this shirt with a pair of Teton Twill Mountain Khaki’s and you are ready for just about anything!

    As you can imagine, I have worn a ton of outdoor shirts over the years. Doing everything from fishing out west to baling hay here in Cincinnati. I keep coming back to Patagonia shirts because they hold up better than almost any of my other shirts, fit great, and most importantly, keep me cool.




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