Biggest fish of the year!!

Posted On: June 13, 2013 BY Delamere

         After hearing story after story about catching carp on a top water mulberry fly last year, I decided I would devote a day to finding my own mulberry tree hanging over the Little Miami river.  Last year a few smaller fish were pulled out but I new a little bit more about what I was doing this year.  Click below to read more!

After watching how the berries drop, hit the water and float I came up with my own mulberry fly that I am very happy with.  It’s simple and works great.  It has lead wire so it hits the water hard and floats back up since the main material is foam, its tied on a #4 salmon egg hook.

       The first fish pulled out were ranging from about 2lbs – around 20lbs.  These were great fish but we knew that there were bigger out there!


         Just as we didn’t think they would get much bigger, I hooked one that I wasn’t sure if I was going to land on my 12lb tippet.  I picked up this fish on my 8wt Hardy Proaxis rod and an Abel 7/8N reel.  Catching a fish of this size on and 8wt rod and 12lb tippet is something that was not easy.  The fight lasted a little over 20 minutes and every second of it I thought I was going to lose the fish; luckily I landed it and was able to get a few pictures.



Hope you enjoyed,
Louis Seta
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jefff said

Big fish! It looks from the picture as a white amur or grass carp which is even harder to take on fly than the common carp. Congratulations.

Phil said

Wow! Thanks for posting this. Other fish are prettier, but after a good fight, I guess a kiss-goodbye is understandable.

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