Brookville Report 6/18/13

Posted On: June 18, 2013 BY Delamere

         I haven’t had much chance to fish Brookville this year, so I was excited to fish there today, especially since all the local smallmouth streams are blown out. Nick picked me up this morning at 6 and we headed west. A quick stop to buy a one day license and we were in the water. The morning started out a bit overcast which is great for trout fishing.

        Nick and I both both caught a few 14 inch fish and many fish that were smaller. Mostly browns, but each of us also caught a few rainbows. All of the fish were very energetic and hard fighters. The water was a tad high (just over 3.8 gauge height) but clarity was very good. Temp’s were very cold to the touch.

     We  spent all of the day nymphing our favorite holes. Both of us focused on small flies (size 16 and 18). Zebra Midges, Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, and Rainbow Warrior’s were strong producers. Orange and red flies tend to be effective this time of year.

        Nick fished a 10″4 weight Scott S4 nymph rod and I got to use my favorite Thomas & Thomas 9′ 3 weight Vector. These rods are awesome rods for the conditions we were fishing today.  They are both fun rods to throw and really effective for multiple fly/split shot/indicator setups.

         If you want to try your hand at trout fishing on Brookville, we are happy to give advice and show you maps or we offer guided fishing days on the stream. This is a great time of year to fish Brookville. Especially, since we aren’t the only fishermen on the stream that like trout!



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