Elkhorn Creek/Little Miami Report 6/25/13

Posted On: June 26, 2013 BY Delamere

Elkhorn Creek
I had a guide trip on the Elkhorn creek today with Jeff Mossbarger and Ted Hendricks. Fishing was tough, but I think we had good time for the most part. I think I owe these guys a few fish.

When I checked the gauges yesterday they read around 155-170 CFS; when we pulled into the canoe livery today they read nearly 270 CFS!  Water depth was fine and actually made floating the river a bit easier.  Unfortunately, high CFS readings usually mean low water clarity.  Clarity was not terrible, but could have been better.  Ted saved the day with a few good fish on topwater.  Despite our tough day on the stream, I was really impressed with how much both of these guys improved their casting and fishing skills throughout the day.

Little Miami River

One of the smaller Hybrids

While sitting in traffic on Columbia Parkway on the way home, I spoke to a fishing buddy for a bit who mentioned that there might be a few hybrids left in the river system.  I figured I needed a bit of rod and reel therapy after a tough day on the Elkhorn.  I got home about 6:30, ate a quick sandwich, mowed some green grass and then took to the river.  Alexander and his dad were already there trying their luck.  After a bit they took off and I took my favorite spot.  Within about fifteen minutes I landed a five pound hybrid.  I didn’t get a picture, but it was a decent fish and definitely deserved the Sage Xi2 8 weight.  The next fish I hooked had super solid feel and I guess I horsed him a bit much since before I knew it he had broke me off. Hard to guess how big these fish are since they are so powerful.  Caught a few more little guys over the next hour or two.  I was fishing large Clouser minnow in chartruese and white on an Intermediate line with a short heavy leader.  Water clarity was a bit low, but levels were great.  Rain tonight might screw that up.  Sure has been a hard summer so far for warm water fishing.  All in all, I landed 3 and broke the big one off.




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