Whitewater River Report 8/21/13

Posted On: August 21, 2013 BY Delamere


One of Lilly’s first fish on the fly rod

     After seeing pictures from the Whitewater river, I knew I needed to get on it and try it out. Since my sister is heading back to college soon, I also wanted to take the opportunity to do something fun with her before her summer ended. She had only fished with me once but she took to it well and caught fish all day.

      Many of the fish we caught were on the smaller side but I hooked one or two pretty decent fish that did not make it to hand. We primarily threw baitfish patterns. Water levels were a bit low but we were able to paddle most of the time. We concentrated on riffle and tailouts. We used Morgan’s canoe livery. I was very happy with their service and facilities/equipment. I would highly suggest using this livery if you want to fish the Whitewater yourself. We are offering guided trips on the Whitewater or we will be happy to help you any advice.



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