report from the field: opening day dove shoot

Posted On: September 3, 2013 BY Delamere

D&H had a good opening day shoot.  The storm that hit the farm the night before was pretty bad with high winds, big rain and lightning strikes.  Birds moved off the farm, but luckily not all decided to head south.  The weather was hot and big clouds moved in, but we never got hit with another storm and the birds flew early and to the very end.  A shooter could get the limit.
Everyone in our party was a safe shooter and I did not see or hear about any low shooting.  The biggest mistake I saw over and over was not letting the birds come in.  Moving and shooting too early was a big problem.  The other item I noticed was that some shooters did not bring enough shells.
The food and music and conversation after the shoot added to a good day in the field.



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