Briarwood-Finally a Big Fish!!

Posted On: October 26, 2013 BY Delamere

       I had a great morning with Mark, Kim, Conner, and Dylan Howell at Briarwood. They were enjoying their “fall break” with a bit of trout fishing and pheasant hunting at another property. It was a cold morning for sure. I left Cincinnati at about 5:00 a.m. and my truck thermometer read 38 degrees. By the time I arrived at the club at 7:00 the truck read 29 degrees. But we caught fish. 

        We started right about 7:30 with a quick casting lesson. These guys picked it up quickly. We were on the water soon after that. Despite having to clear ice from our guides throughout the morning, I think everyone enjoyed their time on the water. After a few quick practice runs and discussion on fighting fish we hooked into a few. I think each of the boys lost one or two trout bu that is expected when someone is brand new to fly fishing. What mattered, was that when the bigger fish hit, we landed them.

      Dylan landed the first fish, a nice rainbow. I was very proud of his success. This fish got everyone excited and more determined. Conner took the challenge to heart and began to fish a bit harder.
      A bit later while I was helping Kim with her casting, Conner called me down to help me land a fish. He was a bit excited. Soon I saw why. A big shadow was attached to the end of his line and he was doing a great job fighting it. I am sure he was a bit nervous, especially with his whole family watching from just a few feet away. After a great fight we finally landed it. It barely fit in my net! The fish weighed 6 lbs. and 2 ounces. I think everybody was quite excited.

Thanks for a great day guys, I hope you enjoyed it the way I did.




Conner Howell said

This is awesome! You taught us well. Thank you

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