Upland Hunting Report: November 23

Posted On: November 23, 2013 BY Delamere

        I had the pleasure of hunting with Phil Montanus, David Martin and his son-in-law, Aaron at Shags Run hunt club today. This was one of the D&H Upland hunts. Look below for more pictures. 

      We started the day about 8:30. Hunting with Shags Run has spoiled me rotten. No sooner had I pulled in and said hello, than DD Gerwin (Billy’s wife) was offering me coffee and hot sausage and biscuits. That little snack was a pretty welcome thing after the short drive down to the farm on a chilly morning. Soon we had the guys out in the field and were on our first point behind one of Billy’s English Setters.

          We fought the wind all day. We had to adjust our plans based on it and almost all of the flushes were unpredictable. As Billy said ” Plan B is we hunt these birds like wild birds”. The shooting was challenging for sure but the guys enjoyed it and once they warmed up they were pretty deadly. We shot a mixture of Bobwhite Quail and Pheasant. Billy has pretty thick cover right now so that added a little to the challenge. If it weren’t for Billy’s excellent dogs, the day would have been a bit tougher.
   We worked several fields and made a pretty good day of it.

        After hunting we headed in for a bite of lunch. I think it is safe to say we all stuffed ourselves. DD had delicious, hot soup, fresh cornbread, and grilled sandwiches ready to go when we rolled in. I barely left room for the Buttermilk pie that has become a legendary piece of the Shags Run experience.

     Before I headed back home I couldn’t help but admire a few of the English Setter pups that Billy has for sale. These are all top quality dogs and bleed hunting for sure. These pups were born the night before we had our September 1st Dove shoot. They have grown up a bit.

    Mark and I will have the owners and staff from A Tavola Pizza in Over-the-Rhine out on Sunday, November 24 for a intro to bird hunting day and general outdoor experience. It should be fun day as long as we can all keep warm. (predicted high temp’s of 30 degrees). Keep in touch to see the post in the next few days.

We will also hunt:  December 15, January 18, February 8, March 16

I still have dates open for winter hunts. If you would like to join us for hunt please give me a call at the shop.

2708 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati, Oh. 45208
Monday-Thursday 10-8
Friday/Saturday 10-6
Sunday 11-5



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