Brookville Fishing Report 11/26/13

Posted On: November 26, 2013 BY Delamere

          Nick and I headed out to Brookville this morning for some streamer fishing. The water was the highest that either of us had ever fished it before. The gauge was registering the depth at about 4.7 ft. With this said we both threw on heavy flies with heavy sinking tips and sink lines. In conditions like this, use about three feet of 10 lb Rio saltwater fluorocarbon for the leader. The whole day Nick and I fished slow and deep. We were both using an Olive Zuddler streamer variation. Using this fly, I hooked into a beast of a brown trout. He hit the 24″ mark on the measuring tape.

          The water will have to come down to at least 4.0-3.8 ft for nymphing to even be in the question as a method of catching fish. Right now in these high conditions, streamer fishing with either sink lines, sink tips, or Rio versileaders is the best bet to hook into a fish. Be sure to constantly change colors and patterns if nothing is hitting. This is a crucial step in having luck while fishing streamers. Also, cover as much water as possible. Don’t cast into the same spot more than five times. If nothing hits, move on and repeat. It’s worth putting in the time and work. Good Luck!
Tight Lines,
Alexander Helmicki
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