First Hunt of 2014

Posted On: January 1, 2014 BY Delamere

     I spent the first day of 2014 doing one of the things I love most. I spent the morning bird hunting with my dad and a few relatives. In addition, I was quite excited to get my new puppy, Rye, out to expose to quail for the first time. I picked up this little English Setter from Billy Gerwin (Shags Run Farm and Hunt club) back at the beginning of December. She has been such a sweetheart and the training is going well. She has definitely become my little buddy.


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       We  hunted at a nearby club. It was a great morning. Temps were just right for a January hunt.
Here are a few pictures from the day.

        My dad has two German Wirehaired pointers. They are a bit of a handful around the house but they are wonderful bird dogs. Sage is our older dog. I really appreciate these pictures as this will probably be one of her last hunts. It’s probably fair to say that she taught me quite a bit about bird hunting.

Sage on point


Hunters in line watching the dogs

   Elsie is her replacement of sorts. Elsie is just about a year and a half old, but is already proving herself as a good bird dog. She has only a few hunts under her belt as the primary dog, but she is pointing and retrieving well. I can’t wait to hunt Rye alongside her. Elsie will be a great teacher.

Elsie on point, Sage backing the point

Dad admiring his dogs

      After we finished hunting, I got Rye out for a bit and introduced her to a live bird. We planted the bird in some short grass and worked Rye around it a bit until she stumbled into it. I guess it will take a few tries before she really knows what she is looking for. Once she found the bird we practiced “whoa” a little bit.

Rye and Elsie being curious

             It was a great way to spend the first day of the year. I hope you all got to enjoy the day however you wished as well. Good luck in the new year.

      I still have openings to hunt birds at Shags Run on January 18. The cover has been very good this year and we have had some great hunts down there so far. Contact me at the shop if you are interested, 513-871-3474.


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