The fruits of my labor…

Posted On: January 25, 2014 BY Delamere

    I was taught early, a big part of being a hunter was also learning to cook or at least be associated with someone who could cook. Wild game meals have always been an important part of my hunting experience.

    This was a great dinner for a bitter cold evening.

      This is a Pheasant vegetable soup I threw together tonight. I made some soup stock a few nights ago from a left over pheasant dinner.  Tonight I just added some vegetables, beans, tomatoes and some pre-cooked pheasant breast. Then just let it simmer for a while. I added some chili powder, garlic, and S&P. You can use just about any ingredients that sound good. I paired it with some hearty Sourdough bread from the new Breadsmith store which just opened on Michigan Avenue near the square. (Hyde Park Breadsmith Location)

       Wild game meals don’t have to be complicated or appeal only to a few purists. Just have fun with it.




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