The Hybrids are finally here!

Posted On: March 10, 2014 BY Delamere

 This is what we have all been waiting for!

The water is high and muddy and conditions weren’t the best, but I managed to pick up my first hybrid striped bass of the year.  It was really nice to feel this 5 or 6 lb. hybrid pull after a long awaited winter of tying and talking about these fish.

I got to the parking lot at the river at about 6pm and noticed that the water was up and muddy.  This has been the norm lately and I have gone out about four or five times in the past week with nothing to show.  My hopes weren’t high, but I got down in there anyway and decided that I would try it out.  After about an hour of casting a 7 inch chartreuse and white double deceiver with an 8wt sink tip, I was getting less and less enthusiastic and it was getting dark.  I figured I would make a few more casts at the top of the run, knowing that if the fish were going to feed it was going to be in this next 30 to 40 minute window, and all of a sudden WAM!  I almost didn’t believe the bend in my rod and the head shake from the fish, but once I saw his dorsal fin come out of the water I was pretty excited.

 Here it is, the wait is finally over. Get out and try to hook up with one of these guys!

If anyone has any questions give us a call or stop in D&H!
Also, don’t forget about the Hybrid Party on March 27th at D&H on Hyde Park Square
-Chip Pauly



Anonymous said

Good to know someone locally is finding fish. See you on the 27th !

Doug Dornbush said

Any pike? I'd really like to catch a pike.

Anonymous said

good thing you wore those fleshy gloves

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