The Bahamas: Andros Island

Posted On: March 18, 2014 BY Delamere

I arrived on Andros yesterday and it was great to be in the islands after the long Cincinnati winter.  The flights to Miami and then Nassau were smooth sailing.  The Nassau airport has many new buildings and it does not have the old “charm”.  You check in at a new counter with electronic screens and then wait to the side until everyone is gathered and then the agent walks the group to the plane.  The walk is forever and all you do is walk out of the bright new building over to the old building where the plane is parked.  The plane to get to Andros is a nine seater and it is not of new vintage.  It is a quick 15 minute jump and you are glad it is not any longer in that aircraft.

I had a quick 20 minute nap and then dinner was served.  Of course it was fresh fish from out the front door.  Tasty!

My group of customers arrive later this afternoon and then we will get some of them casting and check out all of the gear so that they are ready for an early morning tomorrow.
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