The Bahamas: day one on the flats

Posted On: March 19, 2014 BY Delamere

As we were eating our breakfast looking out over the ocean, the clouds were rolling in and giving the sun a hard time to try and make an appearance.  Everyone got their gear down to the dock and we were off.

I went with Nick to the west side.  Once we hit the flats the sun came out and the clouds parted so that we could get some good sight fishing.  My casting was fine, not great.  My stripping was fine, not great.  I caught eight bones before lunch (should have been many more).  The sun was out in the afternoon and really heated up the water and the bones left the flats for deeper water.  We looked and looked for dem bones, but not around.
The colors of the water always entertain me and just when you think you have seen the best shade of a color you turn a bend and THERE, that is the most amazing version of the color you have seen.  Once today I say a color that looked so fake it must be computer generated.  I am sure this photo will not do it justice, but take a look…

we saw this guy as we were moving to another flat



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