The Bahamas: day five on the flats

Posted On: March 23, 2014 BY Delamere

Today was our last day on the flats.  The day started with no wind and a hotter sun than the last four days.  This makes for a smooth ride getting to where you are going, but you could feel the sun when you are standing on the bow of the skiff.  This is where the proper clothing is key.
Our day started off slow and we did not see any movement on the flats.  You like to see bait fish, sharks, barracuda, sting rays and other swimming life because that just shows an active flat and that is when you normally see bonefish.  A slight breeze came up and then we started seeing sea life and then we found bones.  Every bone I caught was of nice size and they all liked the fly that Chip tied (see “day four on the flats” post).  I had some really good runs and gave my Abel a nice workout.

When we got back to the Club and relaxed with Kalik and shrimp, I was listening to my group talk about their day and there was definitely a transformation from when we first arrived to this day as far as understanding the importance of the many small aspects of standing on a flats skiff and handling fly line, the strip and many other small details that make or break a day.  The confidence level was on the way up.  If only there was another day.




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