Hybrid Update: Little Miami River

Posted On: April 23, 2014 BY Delamere


 Here is a Little Miami update from the last couple days out.
 click More below for some fish pictures.
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  The water levels are finally coming down after the long wait due to all of this rain we have had lately, and it has been really nice to get out and enjoy this river before I head up to Alaska for the summer.  It is truly one of my favorite places to fish because of the many diverse species that it holds (87 to be exact).  A single run can hold many different species of fish.  One day I caught a Drum, a Gar, a Carp, a White bass, a Largemouth bass, and a Smallmouth bass, in a stretch of about 100 yards.  I will definitely miss fishing this river this summer.  I can’t really complain, though, about the world class fishing at Riversong Lodge in Alaska. 


little 4 pounder from the other night out

I got out this morning and managed to pick up a respectable fish, around 7-1/2 pounds.  He hit extremely hard and as you can tell by the picture below, absolutely inhaled the seven inch fly that I presented.  My Sage Largemouth rod handled it perfectly, even though that fish wanted nothing to do with being landed when I brought him to the beach.  The key to these fish is all about timing because of their sensitivity to sunlight.  Not to say that one couldn’t pick up a Hybrid Striped Bass in the late morning or early evening, but darkness is absolutely your friend when fishing for these guys.  Get out and enjoy the Little Miami, don’t get discouraged if you don’t pick up a fish the first time you go out.  Remember that with the 87 different species of fish, there is a lot of natural food in that river.  To convince a fish to hit some flash and feathers, rather than a nice slimy bait fish, can be challenging. 

nice chunky 7 1/2 lb (Boga Grip confirmed)




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The Little Miami will miss you too.

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