Hybrid Fly Step-By-Step

Posted On: May 2, 2014 BY Delamere

Double Deceiver SBS

       The double deceiver is a go-to fly for all of us at D&H on The Little Miami river for hybrid striped bass and Small mouth.  This fly is very effective for hybrids, small mouth and other fish with a large appetite.

Materials include:

Hook: 2 Gamakatsu B10S, size 2/0
Thread: UTC white 210, Danville 210, or mono
Tail: White hackle or Schlappen
Body: Chartreuse and white Buck-tail
Flash: Opal, holographic, ETC.. (pick your fav.) and lateral scale
Eyes: CCG 8 or 10 mm
head: CCG Thick 
Step 1: lay a thread base down

Step 2: Attach 2 hackle feathers to each side of the hook.     
Step 3: Put your favorite flash on both sides

Step 4: begin to work your way forward with the bucktail (darker color on top). This can be done with Gray over white, olive over white, red over white etc..

Step 5: keep about a third of the shank open to create a bullet head. Tie your chart. and white out the front of the hook (as seen lower left). then fold them back one at a time (lower right) and then tie off. this completes your back section.

Step 6: I like using beadalon but you can use intruder wire as well. loop this through the eye and put 4 or 5 small glass beads on the wire. This helps prevents the fly from foul hooking its self.

 Step 7: After making a thread base on your front hook, secure the wire down making sure that the fly is staying chartreuse over white in the back (this can be tricky at first). Make sure its tied down very well so your back section doesn’t pull off while fighting a fish.  
Step 8: From here on its a lot like we did on the back section. Tie down your hackles on each side, put your flash on each side and start working your way forward with the buck-tail.

I won’t do a bullet head in the front because we want to front to keep its profile. Take the buck-tail as close as you can with out crowding the eye of the hook.
Step 8: Attach lateral scale to each side. I use half a piece down both sides. 

                          Step 9: Glue your eyes on both sides.            

Step 10: Begin making a Clear cure goo head (uv epoxy). Take your time with this to make it look good, this helps secure the eyes so you can beat the fly up and fish it for a long time.

Step 11: Go and fish the thing!! These fish take a lot of time so don’t get discouraged


 Thanks for taking a look!

 Tight lines,

– Louis 
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