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Posted On: June 11, 2014 BY Delamere

      Well, another great weekend at Briarwood has come and gone. This year I had seven guests as well as Louis to help me out. We had a great time. I had a few regulars come up but the group was primarily new friends. Several of these people were new to fly fishing as well, so it was fun to give them this opportunity.
More pictures below.

      I sell this trip as a fun and relaxing weekend. It is a non-instructional weekend but I am always available to help if people need it. Saturday proved to be a beautiful day. As soon as we arrived Louis and I spent some time trout fishing then bass and bluegill fished with our guests.
      This was great practice before we turned everyone loose on the trout streams.

         It was Louis’ first time using Briarwood. I had fun showing it to him and watching him get frustrated with the trout fishing since the trout were being a bit stubborn. In the end he did pretty good.

         Since we all spread out and fish on our own, I don’t have too many pictures of my guests fish but I know everyone caught fish and I think everyone had a good time.
         After fishing most of Saturday afternoon we reconvened for drinks and dinner. This is always a nice part of the day.

          We had a great time with everyone that evening, telling fishing and hunting stories and just getting to know everyone a bit better. When we woke up Sunday, there was a light drizzle coming down. We expected this weather to improve the trout fishing, which it did. We spent the rest of the morning catching trout before some really heavy rain set in and forced us to call it quits.

One of my largest Briarwood fish so far

A few of the guys did some serious bass and bluegill fishing on Briarwood lake
Dave Fortkamp with a nice Brown.

-Luke and Louis



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