Favorite Dove hunting Accessories

Posted On: August 15, 2014 BY Delamere

     With all the dove talk in the air, we are getting pretty excited for September 1st.  I just spoke to the owner of Shags Run today and he mentioned seeing many birds on the property.  His sunflowers are almost mature and the birds are loving them.  He also planted additional ground for dove hunts this year.
     Here are a few of my favorite dove hunting accessories:

 Filson Shooting Bag
    I just got one of these a few years ago after seeing many of my friends use it.  This bag is perfect for those hot dove days when a shooting vest is just too heavy.  Both side pockets hold more shells than a dove shooter will ever need.  The lined rear pocket is perfect for carrying a limit of doves out of the field and can be wiped out easily afterward.  They get better looking with age and use.

 Patagonia Standup Shorts
I started wearing these a few years ago and now never go without them.  They are a heavy-duty canvas that wears great whether I am in the field or around town.  The large side and rear pockets are great for a camera, extra shells, and other small things I like to have close and handy.

    Many times the best dove hunting comes on hot, humid days. When the weather is like this, a light, rugged, and comfortable boot is best. The Danner Radical meets all of these requirements.  It is well suited to long hours standing, has a tough durable sole, is just high enough to keep me cool without allowing the short-cut grass to chew up my ankles. 

 Many of the dove shooter’s that join us come with this bag.  It is classic piece that will hold everything you will need for a day in the field.  Plenty of room and strength to carry 6 boxes of shells in the main compartment as well as choke tubes, sun glasses, camera, and a few snacks or gun cleaning supplies in the easy to access side pockets.  The premium bridle leather will endure years of hard use.

Of course you can’t dove hunt without a favorite hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and the sweat from dripping in your eyes at the wrong moment.

 We look forward to spending a few warm September day shooting with you this year.  We still have spots available on September 1 and September 6.  We begin shooting around 2:00 and finish up the evening with a healthy dose of home cooked barbecue and some of the best deserts you will get around here. Please contact us at 513-871-3474 if you are interested or would like more information or check out our website at Kentucky Dove Shoots.

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