Brookville Fishing Report 8/31/14

Posted On: August 31, 2014 BY Delamere

          My dad and I got out to Brookville for a little bit this morning and afternoon. The water was at a good level (3.2 and then got bumped up to 3.5ft). The rain kept the people in and brought the fish out!

          The water clarity was a bit off due to all of the rain. With this said we fished larger nymphs and streamers all day. I got away with using 4-5X fluorocarbon all day for the nymphs and 12lb fluoro for the streamers. The winners were a San Juan worm variation and a large Prince nymph.  They loved both of these patterns equally well. There was one pool/run in particular where we were literally hooking up on every other cast.

          Once the rain hit hard, we broke out the streamers. These were ideal conditions: rainy, cloudy, and off color water. For whatever reason though we didn’t catch too many fish on streamers. We tried all colors and sizes.
          Fishing worm patterns during and after rain can be very effective due the large amount of earth worms washed into the river. Trout love them because they are a “large” source of food and are easy to find. Fishing the seams between the muddy bank water and the clearer waters of the main flow proved to be the best location to use worm patterns.
Tight Lines,
Alexander Helmicki
Delamere & Hopkins

A bar of gold!
Streamer rig in the rain.



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