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Posted On: October 8, 2014 BY Delamere


Pete using my 11 footer in Montana

   We just brought in a Sage One 10′ 5-weight. This is why:
       While I was in Montana, my group did a lot of nymph fishing which gave us the opportunity to fish many different rods. The guides and I all came equipped with specialty nymphing rods. These rods are generally 9’6″ or longer. 10′ and 11′ are standard for this type of fishing. Most of my group had never used these longer rods before, but by the end of trip they were true believers.

     In many cases nymphing is a short range strategy.  A longer rod allows the fisherman to stay in closer contact with his nymphs as well as reducing the effect that surface currents have on each drift.  Long rods simply allow fishermen to manage line and flies more easily.  As good as these rods are for nymphing, they can do other jobs well.  I throw dry flies and smaller streamers on my 11 foot rod.  When we are fishing high grass areas I really appreciate the height advantage a longer rod gives me over the grass and brush.  I think if I could only take one rod to Montana, a 10′ #5 would be it.

Mark using a long rod on a Pennsylvania freestone stream.

         As we get into fall and winter I will be using my long rod over at Brookville quite a bit.  The Sage One 10′ #5 would be a true all purpose trout rod both locally and afar.





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