Brookville Fishing Report 12/21/14

Posted On: December 22, 2014 BY Delamere

          Well about a week ago I got bilateral knee surgery. All I have really been doing is tying TONS of flies. This past weekend I decided that I needed to get out to fish or I would go crazy. So yesterday Nick and I fished for only a little bit over at Brookville Tailwaters in the evening. I was obviously restricted in my wading abilities and could only get to a small fraction of my “honey holes”. Even though we were only able to fish two spots, we still did well.

A nice hungry brown!

          The flows were great at 3.6ft, water temps were good, and the air temps weren’t bad at all. What a great day to get back out there! Red zebra midges were doing well. I picked up a sizable, healthy rainbow trout on a midge that flopped right out of the net (thanks Nick!) and got away. Streamers were productive as well. The brown trout in the picture above nailed one of my biggest streamers in my box. Plus an added bonus of watching it hit the fly, I guess one of the benefits from having to fish from the bank. Anyway’s it was just fun to get out after sitting in the house for a week.

Please call for any questions: (513) 871-3474

Tight Lines,
Alexander Helmicki

Awesome evening sunset



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