Bird Hunting with Friends

Posted On: February 14, 2015 BY Delamere

    This year has been a ton of fun.  Rye has progressed so well and is hunting a lot like a mature dog at this point despite being a year and half old.  She has a many lessons to learn, but we have accomplished a lot.  One of the best things about hunting this year has been the chance to hunt with many different friends.  I am really proud whenever I can share Shags Run with new people.

      This week I was lucky enough to hunt Tuesday with my father and today I hunted with a my friend Josh Cunningham and his Springer Spaniel, “Tana” at Shags Run.  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.


Josh and his Springer

      We hunted chukar today and and did a pretty thorough job on them.  The dogs worked really well and we missed most of the frigid weather.  Once we finished hunting, we spent some time visiting with Billy Gerwin discussing bird hunting, bird dogs and a hundred other things, including his new Yellow lab pup.

The new pup, “Hannah”

         I recently found out about a great new dog accessory for anyone who needs to feed a dog-on-the-go or anytime space or weight is a consideration.  The company is called “TurboPup”.  They make a meal replacement bar.  Each bar is 250 calories.  This is a perfect solution for getting Rye a meal post-hunt, but would also be good for backpacking, camping, or traveling.     

   Originally I just purchased a few and  have been trying them out with
Rye.  As promised, even a light eater like Rye enjoys them and they
haven’t bothered her stomach even though she seems to have a sensitive
stomach.  I gave a few to Billy Gerwin and my friend Josh to try with
their dogs.  I am not totally sold yet, but it seems like a very promising
    There is a about a month and half left of hunting time.  Call Billy at 513-200-1846 if you want to get one or two more hunts in before the season is over.


Josh gets some attention from Tana and Hannah.

Fri-Sat  11-6



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