Brookville Fishing Report 2/25/15

Posted On: February 26, 2015 BY Delamere

          It’s been while since I’ve been over to Brookville Tailwaters and also put up a fishing report.  I found some time today to get out and did well.

A pretty sight 

          When I first arrived the flows were around 3.45 ft and then dropped to 3.1ft during the day.  I did well in the morning on small zebra midges and picked up a few smaller fish on them.  The fishing then went dead, nothing seemed to work.  I busted out my streamer rod and went to work with a new sculpin pattern of mine and absolutely loved it.  I promptly broke it off after about ten casts though, so it’s time to tie a pile.  I put on a white deceiver style streamer and started doing work.  I picked up two decent fish, one of them a plump 19″ brown.
          The weather was a little chilly but manageable.  Just layer smart and you’ll be fine.  For more detailed advice and tips give us a call at (513) 871-3474.
Tight Lines,
Alexander Helmicki
Delamere & Hopkins
A meat eating 19″ Brookville brown trout

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