Patagonia Men’s Nano Hoody

Posted On: March 21, 2015 BY Delamere

If you have been around the shop or one of the D&H staff in the last five years, you have seen us wearing and talking about the Nano Puff line from Patagonia.  Delamere & Hopkins carries this line for both men and women in vest, 1/4-zip and full zip.  We have just added the Hoody version for men because the color is a home run.

The Nano Puff line is so very light in weight, but warm and extremely packable.  My wife and I live in our Nanos when we are traveling because we can start the day wearing the item and then shed the layer and pack it up tight in a small day pack.  There is an interior pocket which works for stowing a money clip or passport when traveling in the big city and this pocket doubles as a place to stow the entire jacket.

Although not claiming to be waterproof, I have found that my 1/4-zip sheds a fair amount of moisture.  If you have read some of my other product reviews, you might remember a post from the streets of NYC in January where I was amazed at how warm my Nano was and the fact that I could fit it under my Barbour motorcycle jacket which is amazing because jackets in the motorcycle collection are cut tight.

Stop in the shop on Hyde Park Square and have one of the guys show you the new Hoody or any of the other Nano versions.  If you are not in the Cincinnati area, you can go to the Delamere & Hopkins web site and purchase the item here.

Here is the official word from Patagonia on the insulation:
We use PrimaLoft® insulation inside insulated garments for its
warmth, compressibility, and soft comfort. While the human body uses
energy to stay warm, PrimaLoft insulation uses a patented microfiber
structure to help the body retain warmth and conserve energy.
proprietary ultra-fine fibers of PrimaLoft insulation form a tight
collection of air pockets that trap heat from your body and keep the
cold out, providing an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. When insulation
gets wet, it loses these air pockets and consequently, its insulating
properties. PrimaLoft ultra-fine fibers were developed to be water
resistant so your insulation stays drier and maintains its insulating
properties even when wet.

Here is the official word from Patagonia on the water repellency:
 (durable water repellent) fabric finish repels light rain and snow
and decreases dry times. When DWR is used in conjunction with a
waterproof/breathable barrier, the DWR finish keeps the outer fabric
from becoming saturated so that the breathable barrier can do its job.

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