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Posted On: April 7, 2015 BY Delamere


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         It’s no secret, D&H is a big fan of the Fishpond line of products.  Over the years we have used and abused Fishpond luggage, packs, and accessories.  We have yet to be disappointed.  We just got a big order in with a few very anticipated goodies.

Headgate Tippet Holder

     We often get requests for tippet holders.  So far, many of them haven’t satisfied us.  The guys have managed to break most of the ones that we have used.  Some of them just didn’t work for us.  FP is taking a new take on an old problem.  The name is a nod to FP’s western heritage.  The holder arm swings out so you can easily insert or replaces tippet spools.  A clip on top allows the holder to affix to D-rings on packs, vests, or waders.

 Sushi Rolls

    When I fished in New York a few years ago, many of the guys were using home made fly storage solutions.  One of them was a version of the old fleece foldover fly wallets.  Instead of fleece and leather, he used cordura and foam.  The idea worked great for large baitfish flies that only fit in bulky and expensive fly boxes.  FP took this idea and ran with it.  The FP Sushi Roll is a storage solution for large flies.  These sheets are foam on the inside and a heavy rubberized cordura type material on the outside.

    I’m hoping these will take up less room in my pack than one of the large boat type fly boxes.  They might not hold as many flies as a box would, but should be fine.  Hopefully the water drops soon and I can try it out.

Good luck on the water this season.


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