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Posted On: April 16, 2015 BY Delamere

    We just got several large shipments of new books, as well as some of our favorites.  Opening these boxes has been a bit like Christmas morning for me.  Over the next few weeks I will try to highlight some of the new books that came in.

Jack O’Connor- The Legendary Life of America’s Greatest Gunwriter

     This biography of Jack O’Connor is a must for serious gun nuts and hunters alike.  O’Connor was a staple within the pages of Outdoor Life for many years as Gun Editor.  This book follows the path of adventure from his early childhood in rural Arizona to his many years of writing and hunting for OL.  Of course, the book spends some time on sheep hunting and O’Connors’ love of the Winchester Model 70 and Winchester .270. 

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                                             Grouse Feathers 

       Now that the upland seasons are well behind us, it is time to clean shotguns and tune up bird dogs.   Between those chores, relax on the porch and enjoy this memoir of grouse hunting.  Full of classic stories, anecdotes and illustrated by one of America’s most loved sporting artists, Lynne Bogue Hunt, this is a great gift for anyone who has wandered grouse coverts behind a pointing dog.

The Perfect Shot: North America- Shot Placement for North American Big Game 

       A thorough and useful book by Craig Boddington, this is one every American hunter should own. Boddington started writing about his hunting in the late 70’s and since then has become one of the most influential gun and hunting writers of this century. He has several dozen African safaris under his belt as well as countless domestic and foreign hunts to look back on. There are many other writers who could have written this book but none are as qualified as Boddington. The book is organized by species with clear and precise artwork detailing lethal, humane shot placement as well as anecdotes on appropriate caliber and hunting tactics. 
The Jim Corbett Collection
     This is a really special collection. For those unfamiliar with Corbett, he was a turn of the century hunter who made his name in British India. He especially gained fame as he tracked and killed man eating leopards and tigers throughout the jungles of India. His stories are easy to read and easy to believe. His writing doesn’t feature the exaggeration seen in some of his peers. For anyone looking for new adventures to read about, this is it. What I really enjoy about Corbetts’ writing is these are more than hunting stories. These are a glimpse into the daily of life of both Indian royalty and simple villagers. Corbett mentions the caste systems and the effects of British rule and politics on the country. 
 Included in this nicely boxed set are 5 books:
  • Man Eaters of Kumaon
  •  Leopards of Rudraprayag
  • My India
  • Jungle Lore
  • Temple Tiger and Treetops


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