Brookville Fishing Report

Posted On: April 27, 2015 BY Delamere

          I finally got out to Brookville Tailwaters for the first time in two months.  It was packed because it was the trout opener.  The water dropped from 3.7ft down to 2.9ft while we were over there.  It rained HARD all day.

          We caught way to many rainbows to count on just about any fly you put on.  Rainbow Warrior nymphs sz. 18 seemed to be the best though.  We also picked up a surprising number of nice browns on nymphs and streamers.
           And for a great fishing story: When the water dropped I was fishing one of my favorite pockets in the river.  Fish started rising all over the place and right along a small bank seam the water just exploded and I saw a massive golden flash.  It was a huge brown either busting baitfish or being territorial in his new low water hole.  I had a nymph rig on and immediately starting fishing to where I saw the commotion.  I hooked a 10 inch brown on the first cast and as it was flopping on the surface, a two foot brown came out and hammered it; breaking off the smaller brown.  It took me a little bit to realize what had happened.  I then proceeded to fish the hole on and off for about 30 mins throwing everything from size 22 nymphs to 8 inch long articulated flies.  He never showed himself again, but now I know where he lives at that water level so he better watch out…
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