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Posted On: April 29, 2015 BY Delamere

   In addition to the large shipment of hunting books we received, we also got a bunch of new fishing books that cover everything from traditional small stream trout fishing to carp and saltwater fishing. Here are a few of the new ones:

Rivers of Sand: Fly fishing Michigan and the Great Lakes Region
       For all the Cincinnati folks that call some part of Michigan, home away from home, this is a good read.  The author, Josh Greenberg, is the owner of Gates Au Sable Lodge on the Au Sable river near Grayling.  Josh grew up fishing on the Au Sable and later working for Gates Lodge before owning the lodge.  Even just reading the introduction, the reader senses the deep love and respect he has for the Northern Lower Peninsula and the waters nearby.  This book is a mix of fishing know-how and good storytelling. 

Fishing Small Flies
   I picked this one up a year or two ago on a fishing trip to West Virginia.  Granted, I was feeling a bit frustrated, fishing small dry flies and not having the skill to set hooks correctly.  This is a true technical, trout fishing how-to book.  The books covers all aspects of small fly fishing.  These are strategies that can be applied to western trout streams as well as trips to Brookville Tailwater.  Small flies offer numerous challenges.  For anyone who studies this book, there is no doubt you will be a better fishermen for it.
Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams

   Of course, this book hits pretty close to home.  Bob Clouser, (the Clouser minnow) shares his many years of Smallmouth knowledge from his home water of the Susquehanna in Pennsylvania, as well as countless other places.  Bob shares some classic Smallmouth fly patterns, tips and techniques, casting instruction, and places to go for Smallmouth.  If you are a Smallmouth aficionado,  the pictures alone are worth the book.  The book also has a great chapter on Smallmouth biology which benefits us as fishermen.  Smallmouth are a hometown fish for D&H.  Read this one before we get to deep into the season, chances are you will have a more productive season.

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