D&H adds a Sperry shoe to the range

Posted On: June 26, 2015 BY Delamere

Delamere & Hopkins has been selling Sperry boat shoes for over twenty years.  Mark has been living in Sperrys since forever.

“I remember wearing them in the third grade, and high school with duct tape on them (that was cool), and all through college and well, right now as I am typing this.  The Bahama style is as old-school as you can get and the oyster color can be seen up and down the east coast.   When I see this shoe I think about the Low Country of the Carolinas and shrimp & grits.”

Why did it take D&H so long to bring this model in?  I dunno.

this classic shoe screams summer

D&H has many styles and colors at the Hyde Park Square shop.

Cincinnati, OH  45208
(513) 871-FISH
Mon-Thurs 10-8

Sun 11-5



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