Cumberland Tailwater 8/23/15

Posted On: August 27, 2015 BY Delamere

      My Dad and I were able to get down to the Cumberland River tailwater this past weekend for a day and had a good time. We stayed with a customer, Bob, who had a great cabin on rainbow run with a nice boat ramp and he joined us in the boat for the day.  It was great to have him with us since he has been fishing down there for around 30 years!

The generation schedule wasn’t perfect, but we made it work.  Having a bit more low water would have been nice, but we broke out the streamers and did pretty well when the water caught up to us.  I rowed the first half of the day and my Dad picked up a good number of fish on princes and rainbow warriors.
This was the best fish of the trip measuring right about 20″.  I caught a handful of decent browns between 13-16 inches, but didn’t snap any pics.

 My Dad and I just picked this boat up earlier this year from Stealthcraft in Baldwin, Michigan.  This thing is killer because it has full Drift boat and Jet boat capabilities.
 Bob was hammering fish on his Dry dropper early in the morning and then moved to fishing some streamers in the afternoon to chase a few bigger fish.

– Louis Seta

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