Local Trout Update 9/7/15

Posted On: September 8, 2015 BY Delamere

          Ted and I got out to do some night fishing (mousing) for some trout the other night. We fished with rodents in hand until the sun came up. We fished the morning for a brief period and then went home to sleep… giant Stanley Thermos’ filled with coffee can only last so long. We had a solid time.

          We moused all night. Swinging single and articulated rodents till dawn produced some awesome rolls but none to the net. In all we rolled around 10 fish, one of which sounded like King Kong punching the water, no joke. We also saw a fish that I was legitimately concerned lives there- we saw it walking back to the car in about a foot of water. It was a very cool experience and awesome just to watch. Just be careful…
          Once the sun came up we put the mice away and busted out our day time rigs. We fished nymphs in deep cuts and runs. Ted broke 20″ for the first time on a brown trout which was awesome. He also caught the biggest creek chub I have ever seen (world record creek chub?). I got a beautiful brown that had great colors and was getting ready for spawn with some nasty teeth. After almost having it handed to me with my 5 weight last time, we bumped up to fast 6 wts which helped.
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